The need for good great design

Several businesses forget how essential it is for their brand to have a unique look and feel. They jump into launching products without a strong design base, only to find themselves confused when rapid growth occurs.

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As businesses grow and scale, maintaining visual consistency becomes imperative for brand recall and trustworthiness. But all too often, this isn’t the case.

To combat this, BCKDRP developed the Minimum Viable Design. Through this, we can help you set up a design system that can grow with your brand, providing clarity even at scale.

<aside> 📢 A solid visual identity lets young organisations be perceived accurately by their core audience. A good design system brings focus to creative teams and creates consistency across platforms.


Process Breakdown 📝

Phase 1: Mood Boards & Stylescapes

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Outcome: A run-through of your brand and its story. We’ll get a solid understanding of the landscape, products, and potential impact that can be translated into your brand’s design.

Phase 2: Tone of Voice & Colours