<aside> 💡 For over two decades, tech startups have used the MVP concept to build successful products. The defining principles of the MVP approach are speed, agility, and iterative improvements.

BCKDRP built on top of these fundamentals to help startups achieve their Minimum Viable Brand (MVB). Now you can spend the least amount of time, effort, and resources to develop a brand strategy that centres your organization, conveys your values, engages your customers, and differentiates you from the competition.


<aside> 🗓️ The MVB Program takes place across five 90-minute sessions, over a period of 5 weeks. We'll take your startup through a proven process to codify your brand strategy.


Why set the foundation for your brand? 🏗️

Startups can get distracted if they don’t build the right brand foundations. It's common to rush to market hoping a savvy name, slick logo, and catchy tagline are all that's required to launch a product.

Often "brand" is defined as a company’s name, logo, personality, aura, reputation, or trademark, while the fact is, none of these are your brand; they're simply expressions of it. If startups don't dig deeper than these definitions, they will not realize their brand's true business value.

<aside> 📢 Your "brand" is the perception people have about you—their gut feeling. It's what they say it is. The goal is to shape that outcome.


Program Breakdown 📝